I first met Gary Hartman about 12 years ago. He had heard that I give drawing and painting lessons and began taking instruction. It is well known that when people of exceptional talent, Gary is a master builder, turn their attention towards something new they can make leaps and bounds that can astonish.

This is what I have experienced with Gary's development as an artist cumulating with his recent exhibition at 4 N. Main Gallery in Southampton where I stood in front of his work with that nice feeling of being influenced washing over me. I pointed this out to Gary; much to his surprise. He is a modest guy who understands that to be good at something requires more then the 10,000 hours theory. Specifically it was Gary's use of color. The paintings in this catalog will explain better then I can but simply put I found them bold, beautiful and original. The same can be said of his imagery which seems to be automatically arrived at yet a real part of his internal dialogue.

Paton Miller